The Top Twenty Call Center Services

New study reveals the twenty call center services most often sought by businesses...

Based on a recent AnswerNet study of over 4,000 business inquiries seeking an array of 60 different call center services, 80% of businesses seeking call center services were looking for inbound call center services. 20% of inquiries were for outbound services.


A study of the Inbound inquiries was performed to determine which types of inbound and out bound services businesses most often seek. The study reveals twenty call center services that are the most often sought by businesses - ten for inbound and ten for outbound - providing insight on how businesses most often use call center services.


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Inbound Call Center Services versus Outbound Pie Chart

Top Ten Inbound Call Center Services

Top Ten Inbound Call Center Services

Ten services make up 91% of inbound service inquiries...

Out of fifty inbound call center services included in the study, ten services made up 91% of inquiries. Of the top ten inbound services, 56% of inquiries were for telephone answering service (TAS) only. The remaining 44% combined TAS with additional call center services to meet their business needs.


The top ten most sought after inbound call center services were:


1. Telephone Answering Service (TAS)
2. Virtual Receptionist
3. Customer Service
4. Dispatch
5. Appointment Scheduling
6. Order Entry
7. Help Desk
8. Messaging-Email-Delivery
9. SOX
10. Lead Generation

it's not surprising a that telephone answering service (TAS Only) made the top of the list. Telephone answering service is the best understood call center service and can readily benefit a wide variety of businesses and organizations. The best combination services to include will depend on your type and size of business and your specific business objectives.


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Top Ten Outbound Call Center Services

Two services make up 64% of outbound service inquiries...

Of the top ten outbound call center services, 64% appointment setting and lead generation account for 64% of all outbound call center service inquiries. Appointment setting and

The top ten most sought after outbound call center services were:

1. Appointment Setting
2. Lead Generation
3. Survey
4. Event Registration
5. TeleSales
6. Data and List Hygiene
7. Customer Service
8. Market Research Data Collection
9. Appointment Reminder
10. 3rd Party Verification

Since leads and sales appointments are the lifeblood for many business marketing pipelines, it is not surprising that appointment setting and lead generation tops the list of outbound call center services most sought by businesses.


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Discover the Best Call Center Services for Your Business

Most businesses can save on staffing costs and improve productivity by using a telephone answering service. However, the best choice of call center services for your business will depend on your specific business needs and objectives.


In fact, some business processes such as customer service, event registration and lead generation may require both answering incoming calls and making out-going calls. In these cases a combination of inbound and outbound services can be used.


To discover the best combination of call center services for your business, feel free to explore the Inbound, Outbound and Automated sections of this website.


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Top Ten Outbound Call Center Services

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