Call Center Touchpoints in the Journey of a Happy Customer

Story and infographic shows the role of call centers during the journey from marketing prospect to happy customer.

There are many possible paths through marketing, sales and customer service by which a prospect with a need may become your happy customer.


Whether a prospect finds your company by way of a TV commercials or Internet ads, there are multiple touchpoints in the customer's journey where a call center can help to enhance the customer's experience and increase your company's profits.


Learn more by reading the story below and downloading our infographic:

"Call Center Touchpoints in the Journey of a Happy Customer (Infographic PDF)."



Happy Customer

Journey of a Happy Customer

This is the story of the journey of a happy customer who we have named “Sally.”

Prospect has a need. Sally has an idea or a need. She checks with her friends on social media sites and also remembers seeing TV commercials offering the product she requires.


She also recalls a very friendly telephone survey from a company offering similar solutions. Sally visits the websites mentioned in the TV commercial and survey call.


She also wonders if there are other companies offering what she needs, so she searches on Google and Bing to compare offers.


While doing her search Sally sees ads offering related products. One of the ads includes the company’s phone number, so she calls them. A call center agent answers Sally’s call and schedules an appointment for her with a sales rep. The sales rep (or a telesales call center agent) then calls and Sally has the opportunity to get a quote.


Also, one of the websites she visits looks very interesting so she submits their contact form. A call center agent then calls Sally to answer her questions, process her order or to set an appointment with a sales rep. The sales rep (or a telesales call center agent) then calls and Sally has the opportunity to get a quote.


Customer buys.After talking to one of the telesales agents, Sally makes her purchase.
Sally is very satisfied with the product she purchased.
A few months later, Sally needs to restock the item she purchased and has a question about one of its features, so she calls the company.
A call center agent answers her call, enters her refill order and answers her questions about product features.


Sometime later, the company (actually a call center agent) calls Sally informing her of some new product features and services as upgrades to her current services.


Since Sally has grown to trust the company and is interested, she purchases the new upgrades


Customer is happy.Sally is a happy customer. Friendly, knowledgeable call center agents and customer representatives helped her throughout the purchasing process. She knows she can depend on excellent customer service when she needs it.

Moral to the story

There are multiple touchpoints in the journey of a customer where a call center can enhance your customers’ buying experiences and increase your company profits.


There’s no doubt that today’s marketing, sale and customer service strategies and tools have been heavily impacted by the emergence of the Internet and smart mobile phones.


In marketing, search engine optimization of websites, and digital Internet ads are now in the mix of available tools with prints, radio commercials, telemarketing calls, trade shows and TV commercials. Increasingly, customers search for services and products using their computers and mobile devices in place of the traditional telephone directory.


In sales, many purchases can be competed and filled on the Internet in addition to shopping at brick-and-mortar locations. Customer service after the sale can often be handled online, but many customers prefer to call and speak to a live person.


However, there are many points in a customer’s journey where they need or prefer to talk to a live person – and someone has to answer the call or contact them.


Call centers can do this for you 24/7/365 while saving you money on staffing and equipment.


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