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Whether you operate an established call center as a business or as a department of your main business, you are likely aware of the benefits of the virtual call center model. If you are planning to open a new call center or update your existing call center, today's virtual call center model with its cloud based call center software and voice over IP technology offers clear benefits. Let's take a closer look.


What is a virtual call center?

A virtual call center (VCC) is often described as a call center model wherein the call center operator pays a monthly or annual fee to a managed service provider that hosts the necessary call center software and equipment. Virtual call center agents at remote work locations connect to the call center platform from their workstations over the Internet.


Virtual Call Centers

Virtual Call Center Dashboard

Virtual Call Center Benefits

Today's virtual call center technology offers clear benefits compared to the traditional call center. Key benefits include:


1. Cost Savings: Eliminates the need to build, operate and manage in-house call center equipment.
2. Fast / easy deployment: New call centers can start operating quickly without installing the traditional call center infrastructure.
3. Scalability: Software can be scaled up or scaled down as needed.
4. Remote Locations: Allows agents to work from multiple remote site locations without the cost of multiple infrastructure installations other than work stations and Internet access. It also can allow people with physical or other disabilities to work from home.

Hosted Virtual Call Centers

Virtual Call Center Software

Hosted call centers using virtual software are steadily replacing the traditional call center due to the cost savings and other benefits. New call centers save on the initial startup cost. Existing traditional call centers can reduce their current expensive call center equipment licensing fees. AnswerNet is leading this trend by converting its multiple call center sites to hosted virtual call centers.


Hosted Virtual Call Center Providers

Hosted call center providers host and manage the technology and software needed to operate a virtual call center. One example of a hosted call center provider is a company called SA Hosted and Managed Solutions. Their website, at, presents a complete cloud-based virtual call center, a CRM solution and a billing and receivables management solution perfect for multi-site billing needs.


SA Hosted and Managed Solutions

The company SA Hosted and Managed Solutions ( offers SA Virtual Call Center (VCC), a cost-effective, complete, hosted and cloud-based call center system that provides best-in-class customer experience through a unified software suite.


The unified browser-based interface can provide better decision-making with real-time monitoring, automated reporting, ability to change campaign settings and the application of skills-based routing, IVRs, smart scripts and logistics tools to enhance customer contacts.


SA VCC combines several well-known technology solutions into one platform:

xCally Motion:

xCally Motion integrates multiple voice, text and document based channels into one unified platform with custom skills based queuing for each channel.


Open Answer is an open-sourced inbound call center and live answering service software.

CallScripter Synergy:

CallScripter Synergy allows your business to support cross-channel campaigns with a single view for the agent.

SA Hosted Client Portal:

Powered by Pentaho. A robust client portal with Pentaho’s world class reporting and business intelligence engine.

These technology solutions are also offered separately.

Visit for details and pricing.



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